Who’s Wearing the Mask?

In one day I spoke to 5 different people. During those conversations I learned:

  • their biggest fears
  • things they were excited about
  • a recent  huge success
  • two painful losses – a mother and an aunt
  • current challenges they were facing

I have heard it said that “people wear masks”.  "It is hard to really get to the “real person”. I disagree.

What we bring to the conversation dictates what we experience. If we come to the conversation genuinely interested in people, they will share genuinely. If you are not authentic, it is wrong to expect others to be authentic with you.

I do not routinely experience fake people. I make it a point to really connect with people. I am primed and ready for a powerful moment.

If you are not connecting with people, ask yourself the hard question….am I the one wearing the mask?

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