The Absolute Easiest Way to Identify Strengths

I would like to share the easiest way I have found to identify your strengths.


Look for the things that you complain about.

A complaint is when you notice something wrong and feeling strongly enough to say it out loud.

One of my children is really frustrated by being late. As the family is preparing to leave the house, she can be found reminding various members of the family how much time is left before we must leave.

Initially I was annoyed by her actions. Her constant reminders caused me to feel rushed and anxious.

Until one powerful moment. 

At that moment I realized that she was a gift to our family. That she had something our family needed. We were seemingly doomed to always be late.  Even worse, we were expected to be late. 

Once I saw her gift through new eyes.  I saw how natural it was for her to plan her time well.  I studied the instinctive way she prepared herself to leave.  All at once her reminders no longer irritated me but provoked me to action.

So I empowered her.  I gave her permission to set a time-line for the family. She gets to be “in-charge” of getting us where we need to go.   When when need to be there.  With whatever materials we need to take with us.

Even though it is a strength, it could be used in a way that hurts others, and that is not okay.  She now has one guideline- all of her communication with the family must be done in love. 1 Corinthians 13  kind of love. Patient, kind, not rude, not selfish, not easily provoked, keeping no record of wrongs, but bears up, believes, hopes, endures.

Love never fails – even when we fail – to arrive on time!  


What strengths can you identify in your life or in your children ?

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