How to Get Rid of That Sinking Feeling That You’re Forgetting Something

Ever had that feeling that you are forgetting something really important, but for the life of you, you can’t figure out what it is?

Ever had so much on your mind that you lie awake or you toss and turn, unable to get to sleep?

How about, have you needed to give someone an important message or answer and keep forgetting to tell them when you see them? Ugh, so frustrating right?!



I used to stare at the family calendar while saying out loud, “I know that there is something important coming up, but I can’t remember what it is.”  As I stare at the blank calendar and look around to see the blank looks on my children’s faces, I know neither the calendar or my children can help me.  I causally ask friends if they know of anything happening in the next few days, hoping that maybe they could provide a hint, but – nope!

It is such a helpless feeling isn’t it?  You can remember unimportant tidbits of info like the address and phone number of your old house, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to remember, whatever it is that you just know is important. 

There came a time when I had enough of feeling like I was losing my mind.  I would head count the children and if I reached the right number, I resolved everything must be okay. 

In order to stop that sinking feeling that something or someone might be forgotten, I have found a solution that has calmed my mind.  It has actually helped me to sleep better and be more with-it!  If you could use better sleep too, allow me to share.

3 steps  to keep your sanity

  1. Grab a blank journal

  2. Dedicate the journal for the sole purpose of saving your sanity.  This is not the place for doodling when the children are bored in a waiting room.  This is F.M.O.-For Mama Only

  3. Write everything down..  If it is on your mind, write it.  Don’t try to organize it, color code it, or use special symbols.  No way!  Just write it all down, one item per line. 

Every night I sit on the side of the bed and do a brain dump.  Anything that just might weasel it’s way into my thoughts at 1am and disturb my sleep, gets written down.  Throughout the day if a friend shares a great book title, I hear about a show coming to town, my child mentions a gift suggestion for their birthday.  All of these things are written down in my journal.

Get in the habit of writing things down.  It is impossible to try to remember all the niggly little tidbits of information that come up every single day.  In fact, it is a recipe for disaster everytime we say, "I need to remember".  " I need to remember to call and make a dentist appointment."  "I need to remember to pick up batteries at the store"  Or even worse, "Kids, remind me to make that phone call when we get home."  Your children might do a good job of reminding you, but do you really want to rely on them to remember? 

My journal is becoming quite ragged with use, but I can’t begin to tell you the peace and calm I experience by using this simple tool.  Gone are the days that I have to waste time wondering what I forgot.  If I think there might be something, I read through my journal until I am satisfied that all is well.


Your turn, what do you do to save your sanity?


  1. My mind loss moments happen when I take my eyes off God.  I begin to fight the world’s battles in my own strength and it never goes well :)(
    I think my journal would look like this:

    Look at Him
    Look at Him
    Look toward heaven
    Keep eyes on HIm
    See through His lens
    See what He sees
    Rest in HIm
    Look up

    ….you get the idea ;)*(

    • Timeless wisdom for sure! Without our eyes on Him, everything else is quicksand.

      Now once we’ve spent time in prayer and His word and we need to be about the work He has planned for us, I hope that something I shared helps with that.

  2. Great nugget, Susan! It confirms the importance of writing things down – not only for remembering things, but also for recording the impressions that God is speaking to our hearts.

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