A Powerful Moment

A Powerful Moment is:

- a moment of genuine connection between two people.

- an opportunity to share, encourage, and uplift someone.

- a sense of connection, understanding, feeling heard/ validated.

- an insight.

Seeing things with a fresh perspective.

On any given day we are surrounded.  Surrounded with so many opportunities to connect with the people who cross our path each day.

We have so many moments to see from a fresh perspective.   Moments when we can enter in.  Share in someone else’s life for just a moment.   On purpose we can leave them better than we found them.

I have worked toward living this way for years. I am very intentional about affecting people’s lives. The time I spend with someone, I put a lot of energy into ensuring that our time together leaves a powerful mark on their life.  In turn our time together tends to affect my own life in ways I could not have imagined.

I invite you to join me.

If each of us were to adopt the same perspective. If we were to envision that not one single person that crosses our path is by accident.

How would that change the way that we interact with them? Maybe we would no longer see people as obstacles in our journey, but as an important part of our journey.

Join me in this experience.  Daily you can participate in creating A Powerful Moment in your life by first touching the life of the person right in front of you.

What does A Powerful Moment require?

- intention

This will not happen by accident. You will have to purpose to be a part of this opportunity and be willing to take action.

- availability

If you are busy, distracted, or doubtful the moment will pass you by. Your attention must turn from an inward focus to outward.

- listening, not just hearing

With so much noise, it is easy to adopt the habit of hearing without listening. You may find yourself hearing what someone says without truly engaging in listening. Listening, is critical to establishing a moment full of power.

- seeing with God’s eyes, looking beyond people’s outer expression to who they really are.

People’s facades can be distracting ,even intimidating, but if you are willing to look beyond what you see. If you are willing to believe that they are right here right now for a divine purpose. You will find ways to connect with them no matter what they look like or how they seem. So, who’s with me?

Are you open to creating A Powerful Moment today?


  1. Thanks for this encouragement to be more intentional and follow the Lord’s leading!  This is such a great reminder to really slow down, pay more attention to what is going on with those around you and seeing them through God’s eyes. Thanks… you are such a blessing!

    • apowerfulmoment says:

      It’s an encouragement that I share because I too need the regular reminders. So glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting!

  2. I was really encouraged by this and it has given me a great task to consider. I never had looked at life or approached people that I talk with daily as though there was a divine purpose in which I came across their path in life. Yet when I think about God and His great commandment, “to love our neighbor as ourselves” or even “to go and make disciples,” well then it would only make since that such a God would purposely place others along the way at the particular time that He chose. This is amazing and enlightening at the same time. To know that I have the opportunity to participate in “being an important part of another person’s journey” as you had mentioned is a blessing as well as like a spark to the light in my path that leads me closer to living as God has destined I live. It is also amazing, because more and more it just shows the glory of God and how we, in spite of who we are, have the ability to still be used by God to show people Who our Creator is and how much each person is loved by Him. It is my hope that I will prayerfully join in on this task and look more into the purpose in which I am in someone else’s life at any given moment.

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