6 Knee-Jerk Reactions That Never Pay Off

  1. Give up before you even try.

  2. Run from a challenge.  Seek the easy road.

  3. Seek the middle of the crowd.  Be safe!

  4. Be quick to suggest it’s not your fault or your responsibility.

  5. Do ONLY what is asked, not one thing more.

  6. Don’t take action.

At some point we have all fallen into the trap of one of these knee-jerk reactions, and they may seem to work for a time. But the truth is, they cause us to live safer and closer to home.

Even when the desires of our hearts are to be brave and courageous, these pitfalls keep us from achieving greatness.

A Different Option

So if you want to make a difference. . .

If you want to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. . .

You feel the urge to make a move from “whatever” to “whatever it takes.”

Then.... Be open to a challenge. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Dare to be out front, on the side, even in the rear. Crowds are not necessarily a sign that you are headed in the right direction.

Accept responsibility. It may not all be your fault, but you had some part to play. Willingly do more, give more, offer more than what is asked.

Do something!

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