What is A Powerful Moment?

In our culture there seems to be an accepted, almost celebrated goal of being a "good mom".  While striving to prove that we are good, we have missed the fact that we have actually settled.  We have missed the grand opportunity, and that is to be great!

So what is a great mom?  Great question.  A great mom is a woman who moves with intention and purpose.  She recognizes that her value in the family is irreplaceable.  She is humbled to think that the effects of her mothering will be felt for generations.  A great mom knows that her ability to cook a meal, wash laundry, or drive her little people to lessons and rehearsals make her a good mom, but it’s not enough for her.  She doesn’t want to settle for being just a good mom; she desires to be a great mom.  She is willing to continue to learn.  Continue to grow.  Continue to reach beyond her current abilities and knowledge for the betterment of her family.  A great mom knows that she needs to serve her family out of an abundant overflow of her life, so that she can enrich the lives of her family.

The idea of good moms becoming great is from the title of one of my hubby's business books, Good to Great by Jim Collins.  When I flipped through the book, I looked at the information from the lens of motherhood.  I looked for gems of insight that could help me in managing our home.  But I also asked the question, why would anyone want good if great is a possibility?  Why would I settle for good, when I was created to reflect greatness?

For a long while I have looked for intentional gatherings for women focused on the conversation of bettering our homes.  However at the urging of a dear friend, and the loving support of my hubby, APowerfulMoment.com was born.



A Powerful Moment is for you if:

  • You want the best for your life and your family.
  • You are ready to make a difference.
  • You want to be confident and less afraid.
  • You want to get your home in order, so you will be freed up to great possibilities.

A Powerful Moment is for you if:

  • You are constantly in motion, but don't feel like you are moving forward.
  • You have a longing for better,  but you feel scared about getting started.
  • You want to make a difference, but sometimes you doubt yourself and your abilities.
  • You suspect you could be having more fun and enjoying your life!

When you get involved with A Powerful Moment you will:

  • be empowered through events that shift your paradigm
  • identify "boxes" in your life that hold you back
  • connect with women who will support you, women who move with purpose
  • find tools to equip you

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I am so excited about connecting with you! 

You are now on your way to experiencing- A Powerful Moment!



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